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May 2013 New Innovations

If the name Fruit Pastilles makes you think of expensive, imported sweets, think again.
Mister Sweet is bringing the fruity flavour of Fruit Pastilles, along with two other delicious, sugar-sparkled varieties; Zingarings and Sour Freckles, to your stores. And as usual, we’re Proudly South African.

Get in on the action with Mister Sweet’s fruity new take on a firm favourite.

Freckels Fruit pastilles Zingarings
Tangfastics Fantazzmix Get ready to welcome a blast of fun flavour from Mister Sweet. Introducing a brand new innovation in gums and jellies: Mister Sweet's new Fantazzmix; assorted fruit flavoured jelly and gum shapes, and Tangfastics; super sour fruit jelly and gum mix.

With both ranges bringing a colourful kick to the Mister Sweet family, make sure you shake up your jellies aisle with Fantazzmix and Tangfastics.

Assorted Packs